Lost property

Lost Property: Some evenings at club training sessions, items of clothing and shoes are left behind. If you are missing such belongings, please contact Irene (0877884377) or one of the coaches – chances are they have been collected by a coach. Because of the build-up of such property, the club will have to donate it to charity if it is not claimed before the end of the year.

Running spikes

Westport AC operate an exchange or donation box for 2nd hand running spikes. 

In order to help with this and make the sport cheaper for everyone, please look after your spikes as follows: –

– Always open the laces before taking off or putting on your spikes – Take care when inserting or removing the metal studs so as not to destroy the threads. Ideally an adult should do this. – Clean the shoes regularly – removing dirt from around the metal studs. – If they get wet during training, insert newspaper in each shoe to help dry them out. – Do not put them on or under a heater, as this will damage them.

Please contact Irene (087 7884377) or any of the coaches for exchange/ donation of spikes.

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